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ARC – Aquaculture division
The aquaculture programme of the ARC-Institute for Agricultural Engineering (ARC-ILI) has since 1990 given particular attention to aquaculture engineering. The priorities of the program are the research and development of production systems. For viability, the economy of the systems as well as the comfort and welfare of the organisms are taken into consideration, so that the system is adapted to the organisms and not the organisms to the system.

Introduction of aquaculture as a farming system to communities – ARC
An aquaculture demonstration site is operated by ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij as well as the aquaculture unit of the University of Stellenbosch. Forelle and Tilapia fish are kept in floating cages and the site demonstrates how farm workers and small-scale farmers can utilise a dam to produce an extra income. This concept was introduced to a community in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape and it is currently being evaluated together with the community.

Aquaculture in Southern Africa
Aquaculture is growing steadily in Southern Africa and this address seeks to link all the various parties involved under a single umbrella. Prospective aquaculturalists are offered an opportunity to obtain specific, detailed information on various aspects of aquaculture pertinent to the Southern African sub-region.

Aquaculture and fisheries in the Eastern Cape
Opportunities available in the Eastern Cape.

Investment opportunities in Aquaculture and fisheries in the Eastern Cape
Mariculture, inland (freshwater) aquaculture and fisheries in the Eastern Cape.

Legal guidelines and best management practice
Policies & Regulations
1. Best management practise for aquaculture in the Eastern Cape.
2. Guidelines for authorisation for aquaculture projects.
3. Marine aquaculture policy.
4. DTI sector study

A profile of the South African aquaculture market value chain 2012
Publication of the Department of Agriculture, Forestery & Fisheries, South Africa. Downloadable pdf document.

World Wildlife Fund on Aquaculture

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