Some more trading tips

You face two challenges. The first is to find a product to sell. The second is to find someone to buy your products. Unbelievable, there are several avenues or channels that have created in your area to facilitate both activities. Online classifieds such as Gumtree, OLX and/or BidorBuy can be used to both find products and to sell products, often for free! In fact, it is quite feasible – if you know your products well – to buy a product on these online classifieds and then to re-advertise them on the same online classifieds at a slight higher price and make a profit, simply because you have a good or better idea of the value or worth of the product.

Something else you might want to consider is perhaps to change the product in some or other way. Maybe a bit of paint (an old table that is repainted may bring two or three times the income that it cost you to buy), or some minor repair, or some re-adaptation of the product, might provide profitable. Companies have started buying up wooden crates that are often used in the shipping of products and refurbishing these as coffee tables or as some other piece of furniture. Or a cracked mirror could be replaced and sold for much more money than you originally paid for it.

You need to be aware that in order to make a (real) profit, the income generated from the sale of product or goods being sold should be sufficient to cover all of the costs associated with buying the product/good, informing potential buyers of the availability of the goods, moving the products/goods from where they were bought to the buyer, and any other costs associated with the making the deal. Many individuals fail because they do no make sufficient profit to cover all of their expenses.